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Islamic State Central Africa Province: Attacks Claimed in Mozambique during 2020

Attacks officially claimed by the Islamic State Central Africa’s (ISCAP) branch in Mozambique (Islamic State Central Africa Province – ISCAP) during 2020. # Date Event Location Casualties Target Claiming 11 08/04/2020 Helicopter shot down during clashes with Mozambican army and PMC Quisanga unknown Military ISCAP video 10 07/04/2020 Taken Control Over the City Bilibiza unknown […]

Alleged Iran-backed Shia Militias Groups’ (SMG) Attacks on US Interests in Iraq

Date Event Location Sector Target Alleged Actor 06/04/2020 5 rockets targeted Halliburton oil company facilities in Basra az-Zubayr, Basra Economic SMG 26/03/2020 2 rounds of rockets impacted the Baghdad Green Zone Green Zone Civil SMG 17/03/2020 5 rockets launched towards Green Zone, Baghdad Green Zone Civil SMG 16/03/2020 2 rockets landed on Besmaya Complex, North […]