Islamic State Central Africa Province: Attacks Claimed in Mozambique during 2020

Attacks officially claimed by the Islamic State Central Africa’s (ISCAP) branch in Mozambique (Islamic State Central Africa Province – ISCAP) during 2020.

1108/04/2020Helicopter shot down during clashes with Mozambican army and PMCQuisangaunknownMilitaryISCAP video
1007/04/2020Taken Control Over the CityBilibizaunknownCivilal Naba 229
907/04/2020Taken Control Over the CityMuidumbe12Military/CivilISCAP Official Statement
825/03/2020Taken Control Over the CityQuisanga20MilitaryISCAP Official Statement
723/03/2020Taken Control Over the CityMocimboa do Praia26Military/CivilISCAP Official Statement
605/03/2020Attack on Army CheckpointMahate12MilitaryISCAP Official Statement + photo reports
524/02/2020Attack on Army Checkpoint on 19th Feb.Mocimboa area8MilitaryISCAP Official Statement + photo reports
424/02/2020Attack on Army Checkpoint on 20th Feb.Mocimboa area7MilitaryISCAP Official Statement + photo reports
301/02/2020Attack on Army Checkpointunknown location in Cabo Delgado6MilitaryISCAP photo reports
223/01/2020Attack on Army CheckpointMbau district (Mocimboa Area)22MilitaryISCAP Official Statement
122/01/2020Attack on Christian Houses on 14th Feb.Malali village in Mocimboa AreaunknownCivilal Naba 218

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