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Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb – Sheikh Abu Musab Abdal Wadud: France and the Spider’s Home

Al Qaeda in the Maghreb in the Islamic Maghreb leader, Abu Musab Abdal Wadud, has released a new audio-message, urging Sahel’s governments, Mali in particular, to remove French troops from their countries.

Jamaat Nusrat al Islam wal Muslimin: Regarding the Calls for Negotiations

Jamaat Nusrat al Islam wal Muslimin, al Qaeda’s branch in the Sahel, released a statement declaring the withdrawal of the French army from Mali is the first step in order to sit down for peace talks with the government. Statement’s English translation: Statement’s French translation: Statement’s Turkish translation:

JNIM: operations claimed in Burkina Faso and Mali

Jamaat Nusrat al Islam wal Muslimin – JNIM, al Qaeda branch in Sahel, claims responsibility for raiding a Burkinabe army HQ in Tongomayel, near Djibo city in Burkina Faso. The group has also showed the spoils of the last raid. JNIM has also claimed responsibility for killing the “French agent” Ahbi Ag Ahmidah with his […]