Presunti Attacchi delle Milizie Sciite supportate dall’Iran (SMG) su Obiettivi degli USA in Iraq

DateEventLocationSector TargetAlleged Actor
06/04/20205 rockets targeted Halliburton oil company facilities in Basraaz-Zubayr, BasraEconomicSMG
26/03/20202 rounds of rockets impacted the Baghdad Green ZoneGreen ZoneCivilSMG
17/03/20205 rockets launched towards Green Zone, BaghdadGreen ZoneCivilSMG
16/03/20202 rockets landed on Besmaya Complex, North BaghdadBesmaya ComplexMilitaryUsba al Thaerin
14/03/202030 rockets fired towards al Taji Base in IraqTaji Joint Operations BaseMilitaryUsba al Thaerin
11/03/202015 rockets launched towards al Taji Base in Iraq, killing 2 US and 1 UK soldiersCamp Taji Joint Operations BaseMilitaryUsba al Thaerin
06/03/20201 rocket launched towards Green Zone, BaghdadUS embassy, BaghdadCivilSMG
02/03/20202 rockets launched towards Green zone, BaghdadGreen ZoneCivilSMG
16/02/20203 rockets landed on US embassyUS embassy, BaghdadCivilSMG
13/02/2020Rockets launched towards K1 Military BaseK1 Military BaseMilitarySMG
10/02/2020(IED) attack on convoy carrying military equipment to a base housing US forces south of BaghdadAin Assad Air BaseMilitarySMG
31/01/20205 rockets landed on Qayyarah AirfieldQayyarah AirfieldMilitaryKataib Hezbollah (KH)
27/01/20203 rockets landed on US embassy (1 injured)US embassy, BaghdadCivilSMG
21/01/2020rockets landed on US embassyUS embassy, BaghdadCivilSMG
14/01/20204 rockets landed on Camp TajiTaji Joint Operations BaseMilitarySMG
13/01/2020Rockets landed towards Balad Air Base wounding 4 Iraqi soldiersBalad Air BaseMilitarySMG
07/01/20205 rockets landed on Camp TajiCamp Taji Joint Operations BaseMilitarySMG
06/01/2020Rocket landed nearby US embassyUS embassy, BaghdadCivilSMG
05/01/2020Rocket landed nearby US embassyUS embassy, BaghdadCivilSMG
04/01/2020Two rockets landed on Balad Air BaseAin Assad Air BaseMilitarySMG
31/12/2019SMG-backed protesters stormed the US embassyUS embassy, BaghdadCivilSMG
30/12/2019Four rockets landed on Taji Joint Operations Base in north BaghdadTaji Joint Operations BaseMilitaryKataib Hezbollah (KH)
27/12/20191 US civilian contractor killed following rocket attackK1 Military BaseMilitaryKataib Hezbollah (KH)
12/12/2019Two rockets landed near US military base in the vicinity of Baghdad International AirportVictory Base ComplexMilitarySMG
05/12/2019Balad air base north of Baghdad was hit by two mortar strikeBalad Air BaseMilitaryKataib Hezbollah (KH)
04/12/2019Ain Assad Air Base was hit by 5 rocketsAin Assad Air BaseMilitarySMG
08/11/2019Several rockets impacted the Iraqis’ Qayyarah baseQayyarah Airfield WestMilitarySMG
28/10/2019Taji camp was hit by mortar shellsCamp Taji Joint Operations BaseMilitarySMG
17/07/2019Taji camp was hit by Katyusha rocketsCamp Taji Joint Operations BaseMilitarySMG
19/06/2019Rocket landed near oil-drilling site ExxonMobilZubair Oil FieldEconomicSMG

Obiettivi statunitensi attaccati dalle SMG: